Air Cooled Screw Semi - Hermetic Water Chiller


AICOOL Chiller XC Series was made as the result of the newest technology and use high quality component with international standard ISO 9000, CE, GS, TUV, UL to fulfill demand on chilled water for industrial and commercial bulding.

This series was created, continuously developed and has been proofing its capability to match cooling demand for wide range application such as : industrials, hotels, airports, high rises building, commercial and office building, shopping mall, sport center, passenger ships, universities, power plants and many others. The microprocessor controller able to connect to the almost all Building Management System, even with GSM.

AICOOL aircooled screw chiller (XC Series) was designed into compact shape and modular system to be installed as outdoor and weather proof, wide range capacity from 34 TR until 632 TR. Because of its compact and modular style the unit can reach on site easy to transport. The unit has spacious access to maintenance.

The strong base-frame made of solid hot-dip galvanized steel to provide rust-free for years.

  1. New Refrigerants application.
  2. Epoxy coated fins or marine type copper fins.
  3. Heat recovery system for hot-water extra gain.
  4. Extreme low noise with sound attenuator for compressors and super low RPM of fans motor.
  5. Low temperature glycol chiller.
  6. Infinite Capacity Control
Type Capacity (kW) Type Capacity (kW)
XC 1.50 121.00 XC 1.240 666.00
XC 1.60 152.00 XC 1.280 741.40
XC 1.70 190.00 XC 1.300 836.00
XC 1.80 205.00 XC 2.360 1,000.74
XC 1.90 236.00 XC 2.420 1,154.60
XC 1.110 313.00 XC 2.480 1,332.00
XC 1.125 333.00 XC 2.560 1,482.80
XC 1.140 386.00 XC 2.600 1,672.00
XC 1.180 500.00 XC 3.720 1,998.00
XC 1.210 577.30 XC 3.840 2,224.20



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